Montovolo Retreat 5
The Two Etruscan Necropolis of Marzabotto and their Sacred Ties with Montovolo (Italian Version)

by Graziano Baccolini

At about 20 kms from Montovolo along the road that conducts to Bologna, on the Via Porrettana, there are the remains of the ancient Etruscan town of Misa (in the commune of Marzabotto). This discovery was found in the second half of 1800 and until the beginning it aroused wonder in all the world (the excavations and the researches continue also with the contribution of the University of Bologna). People was amazed by the regularity of its ortagonal plant, by the vast net of waterworks and by the division of the varied residential and handicraft districts with particular regard to the workmanship of the metals and ceramics production. This city had also its temples in the Acropoli and in its two Necropolis. The discovery of the town of Misa in its total ampleness, gave, partly, concreteness to the legendary existence of a league of the twelve cities to north of the Appennino. If a dodecapoli existed it had to be there also its Sacred Mountain where the Lucumonis or Princeps had their meeting to take the most important decisions. I have visited the city of Misa to look for proofs that confirmed me that this Sacred Mountain was, obviously for me, Montovolo!! Confirmations immediately appeared! The first strangeness that appears in front of the visitors of the Necropolis is the presence of an Oval stone on several tombs. The graves that don't have this oval stone on they have him in the proximities !! This fact tell us that probably every grave had on the top an Oval stone. Today every contemporary tomb has over its religious symbol, that is the Cross for us. Then the religious symbol of that Etruscan dodecapoli or alone city was the Oval stone.

If it is so, the Sacred Mountain is Montovolo that also in the name still preserves the meaning of the Mountain with the Oval stone. But this Oval stone, as we have previously descrived1, it was the Omphalos or the symbol of the very ancient Etruscan Oracle Center of Montovolo.

I hope with these few lines to have clarified this strangeness. I thing this intriguing discovery will provide exciting avenues for future researches in the upcoming years.

I must remember that, up to date, is reported that these Oval stems are a pebble that constituted the signal of a tomb or pebbles with spherical form or bulbs as onion or for others a phallic symbol !!

Now if you will go to Marzabotto and you will visit the Necropolis I think you will try my same feeling!

Entering in the Necropolis called Oriental, (the only visible to the public and without restrictions), it seems to enter in an old contemporary abandoned cemetery of country. In fact there is an entrance to which it was missed the iron gate which served, like today, to isolate the living and the dead. From the entrance all the tombs are immediately noted. On the top of these tombs the symbol of our Cross is replaced by an Oval stone, probably as their religious symbol!
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The Oriental Necropolis of Marzabotto.

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Feb, 2001
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