Luca Muccioli

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"
University of Bologna
Viale Risorgimento 4, 40136 Bologna (Italy)
& Institut des Sciences Moléculaires
University of Bordeaux
351 Cours de la libération, Building A12, 3rd floor East, office B4, 33405 Talence (France)

E-mail: luca.muccioli at
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Phone: +33-(0)5-4000-6320

Personal data

  • born April 7, 1973 in Ravenna, Italy
  • nationality: Republic of San Marino
  • languages: Italian, English, French.

  • 1986-1992: High School Education, Liceo Scientifico G.R.Curbastro, Lugo (RA)
  • 1992-1998: Degree in Industrial Chemistry, University of Bologna (IT), thesis advisors: Prof. Riccardo Tarroni, Prof. Paolo Palmieri
  • 1999: predoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Claudio Zannoni
  • 2000-2003: PhD in Chemistry, University of Bologna (IT), advisor: Prof. Claudio Zannoni
  • Jan 2005-Apr 2005: Visiting postdoc at the Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials, Mons (BE)
  • 2003-2014: postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Claudio Zannoni, Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari", University of Bologna (IT)
  • 2013-2014: principal investigator for the SAMSUNG GRO 2013 project "Bottom-up computational design of efficient blue emitting materials for OLEDs"
  • 2014-2016: Junior Chair in "Theoretical modeling at the frontier between soft matter and organic electronics", AMADEus cluster of excellence, University of Bordeaux (FR)
  • 2016: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, University of Bordeaux (FR)
  • 2016-2019: Assistant Professor (RTDB), University of Bologna (IT)

  • Research Interests

  • Computer Simulations of Self Assembling Materials
  • Computer Simulations of Proteins and other Polymers
  • Computer Simulations of Organic Semiconductors
  • Charge and Energy Transport
  • Intermolecular Potentials
  • Molecular Modeling
  • Chirality and Solvation Effects
  • Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Techniques
  • Scientific Programming in Fortran 90

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  • Publications

    Articles & Reviews

    Y. Olivier, M. Moral, L. Muccioli, J. C. Sancho-García
    "Dynamic nature of excited states of donor-acceptor TADF materials for OLEDs: how theory can reveal structure-property relationships"
    J. Mater. Chem. C, accepted, (2016)

    G. D'Avino, L. Muccioli, F. Castet, C. Poelking, D. Andrienko, Z. G. Soos, J. Cornil, D. Beljonne
    "Electrostatic phenomena in organic semiconductors: Fundamentals and implications for photovoltaics"
    J. Phys.:Condens. Matter, 28, 433002 (2016)
    O. M. Roscioni, L. Muccioli, A. Mityashin, J. Cornil, C. Zannoni
    "Structural Characterization of Alkylsilane and Fluoroalkysilane Self-Assembled Monolayers on SiO2 by Molecular Dynamics Simulations"
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 14652-14662 (2016)
    G. D'Avino, Y. Olivier, L. Muccioli, D. Beljonne
    "Charge separation and recombination at polymer-fullerene heterojunctions: delocalization and hybridization effects"
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 546-540 (2016)
    G. D'Avino, Y. Olivier, L. Muccioli, D. Beljonne
    "Do charges delocalize over multiple molecules in fullerene derivatives?"
    J. Mater Chem. C, 4, 3747-3756 (2016)

    M. F. Palermo, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni
    "Molecular organization in freely suspended nano-thick 8CB smectic films. An atomistic simulation."
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17, 26149-26159 (2015)
    M. Moral, A. Garzón, Y. Olivier, L. Muccioli, J. C. Sancho-García, J. M. Granadino-Roldán, M. Fernández-Gómez
    "Bis(arylene-ethynylene)-s-Tetrazines: A Promising Family of n-Type Organic Semiconductors?"
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 18945-18955 (2015)
    M. Moral, W.-J. Son, Y. Olivier, J. C. Sancho-García, L. Muccioli
    "Cost-effective force field tailored for solid-phase simulations of OLEDs materials"
    J. Chem. Theory Comput., 11, 3383-3392 (2015)
    A. C. J. Weber, E. Burnell, W. Meerts, C. A. de Lange, R. Y. Dong, L. Muccioli, A. Pizzirusso, C. Zannoni
    "Molecular dynamics and 1H NMR of n-hexane in liquid crystals"
    J. Chem. Phys., 143, 011103 (2015)
    G. D'Avino, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni
    "From Chiral Islands to Smectic Layers: a Computational Journey across Sexithiophene Morphologies on C60"
    Adv. Funct. Mater., 25, 1985-1995 (2015)
    M. Moral, L. Muccioli, W.-J. Son, Y. Olivier, J. C. Sancho-García
    "Theoretical rationalization of the singlet-triplet gap in OLEDs materials: impact of charge-transfer character"
    J. Chem. Theory Comput., 11, 168-177 (2015)

    G. D'Avino, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, D. Beljonne, Z. G. Soos
    "Electronic polarization in organic crystals: a comparative study of induced dipoles and intramolecular charge redistribution schemes"
    J. Chem. Theory Comput., 10, 4959-4971 (2014)
    A. Mityashin, O. M. Roscioni, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, V. Geskin, J. Cornil, D. Janssen, S. Steudel, J. Genoe, P. Heremans
    "Multiscale Modelling of the Electrostatic Impact of Self-Assembled Monolayers used as Gate Dielectric Treatment in Organic Thin-Film Transistors"
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6, 15372-15378 (2014)
    F. Castet, G. D'Avino, L. Muccioli, J. Cornil, D. Beljonne
    "Charge Separation Energetics at Organic Heterojunctions: On the Role of Structural and Electrostatic Disorder"
    PhysChemChemPhys, 16, 20279-20290 (2014)
    Y. Olivier, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni
    "Quinquephenyl: the simplest rigid rod-like nematic liquid crystal. Or is it? An atomistic simulation"
    ChemPhysChem, 15, 1345-1355 (2014)
    A. Pizzirusso, M. E. Di Pietro, G. De Luca, G. Celebre, M. Longeri, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni
    "Order and conformation of biphenyl in cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals. A combined atomistic molecular dynamics and 1H-NMR study"
    ChemPhysChem, 15, 1356-1367 (2014)
    J. Idé, R. Méreau, L. Ducasse, F. Castet, H. Bock, Y. Olivier, J. Cornil, D. Beljonne, G. D'Avino, O. M. Roscioni, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni
    "Charge dissociation at interfaces between discotic liquid crystals: the surprising role of column mismatch"
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136, 2911-2920 (2014)
    L. Muccioli, G. D'Avino, R. Berardi, S. Orlandi, A. Pizzirusso, M. Ricci, O. M. Roscioni, C. Zannoni
    "Supramolecular organization of functional organic materials in the bulk and at organic/organic interfaces. A modelling and computer simulation approach"
    Top. Curr. Chem., 352, 39-101 (2014)

    V. Lemaur, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, D. Beljonne, R. Lazzaroni, J. Cornil, Y. Olivier
    "On the supramolecular packing of high electron mobility naphthalene diimide copolymers: The perfect registry of asymmetric branched alkyl side chains"
    Macromolecules, 46, 8171-8178 (2013)
    O. M. Roscioni, L. Muccioli, R. G. Della Valle, A. Pizzirusso, M. Ricci, C. Zannoni
    "Predicting the anchoring of liquid crystals at a solid surface: 5-cyanobiphenyl on cristobalite and glassy silica surfaces of increasing roughness"
    Langmuir, 29, 8950-8958 (2013)
    G. D'Avino, S. Mothy, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, L. Wang, J. Cornil, D. Beljonne, F. Castet
    "Energetics of Electron-Hole Separation at P3HT/PCBM Heterojunctions"
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 117, 12981-12990 (2013)
    M. F. Palermo, A. Pizzirusso, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni
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    J. Chem. Phys., 138, 204901 (2013)
    J. Cornil, S. Verlaak, N. G. Martinelli, A. Mityashin, Y. Olivier, T. Van Regemorter, G. D'Avino, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, F. Castet, D. Beljonne, P. Heremans
    "Exploring the Energy Landscape of the Charge Transport Levels in Organic Semiconductors at the Molecular Scale"
    Acc. Chem. Res., 46, 434-443 (2013)

    A. C. J. Weber, A. Pizzirusso, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, W. L. Meerts, C. A. de Lange, E. E. Burnell
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    J. Chem. Phys., 136, 174506 (2012)
    A. Pizzirusso, M. B. Di Cicco, G. Tiberio, L. Muccioli, R. Berardi, C. Zannoni
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    J. Phys. Chem. B, 116, 3760-3771 (2012)
    M. Lamarra, L. Muccioli, S. Orlandi, C. Zannoni
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    PhysChemChemPhys, 14, 5368-5375 (2012)
    A. Pizzirusso, R. Berardi, L. Muccioli, M. Ricci, C. Zannoni
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    Chem. Sci., 3, 573-579 (2012)

    P. Sukul, D. Asthana, P. Mukhopadhyay, D. Summa, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, D. Beljonne, A. Rowan, S. Malik
    "Assemblies of Perylene Diimide Derivatives with Melamine into Luminescent Hydrogels"
    Chem. Commun., 47, 11858-11860 (2011)
    L. Muccioli, G. D'Avino, C. Zannoni
    "Simulation of vapor-phase deposition and growth of a pentacene thin film on C60 (001)"
    Adv. Mater., 23, 4532-4536 (2011)
    T. A. Papadopoulos, L. Muccioli, S. Athanasopoulos, A. B. Walker, C. Zannoni, D. Beljonne
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    Chem. Sci., 2, 1025-1032 (2011)
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    Y. Olivier, L. Muccioli, V. Lemaur, Y. H. Geerts, C. Zannoni, J. Cornil
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    R. Berardi, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni
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    ChemPhysChem 5, 104-111 (2004)

    Other publications

    D. Beljonne, P. Brocorens, J. Cornil, R. Lazzaroni, N. G. Martinelli, A. Minoia, L. Muccioli, Y. Olivier, M. C. Ruiz-Delgado, C. Zannoni
    "Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors: A Multiscale Modelling''
    in "Functional Supramolecular architectures for organic electronics and nanotechnology"
    Editors F. Cacialli, P. Samorì , Wiley-VCH, ISBN: 978-3-527-32611-2 (2010)
    [free pdf]
    Y. Olivier, L. Muccioli, C. Zannoni, J. Cornil
    "Charge transport in conjugated materials: from theoretical models to experimental systems"
    AIP Conf. Proc. 1046, 32 (2008)
    all publications are available in electronic format upon request

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