NMR-Center at Bologna University 




Varian Unity INOVA 600 MHz


is actually the most powerful NMR available in Bologna.
The Magnet is an actively Shielded 14.1 Tesla narrow bore

It is equipped with a 3-channel console, 28 shim channels, 60 G/cm Gredient amplifier.



Triple-resonance PFG indirect probe

Broadband (AG-109 / P-31) PFG direct probe

Customized Variable Temperature Broadband Probe (-180°C to +150°C)

Varian Mercury Plus 400 MHz

it is used for advanced routine spectra

It is equipped with a 9.6 actively shielded magnet,

a 2 channel console, 20 G/cm Gradient Driver



Broadband PFG probe

Variable temperature probe (-180°C - +180°C).


University of Bologna, 2003
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