NMR-Center at Bologna University

User list:

Department of Organic Chemistry “A.Mangini”

Prof. Lodovico Lunazzi
Dr. Andrea Mazzanti mazzand@ms.fci.unibo.it
Prof. Paolo Righi paolo.righi@unibo.it
Dr. Emanuela Marotta marotta@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Claudio Paolucci paolucci@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Mauro Comes Franchini mauro.comesfranchini@unibo.it
Dr. Paolo Zani zani2@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Francesca Fochi fochi@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Carla Boga boga@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Letizia Sambri sambri@ms.fci.unibo.it
Sig. Luca Zuppiroli zuppirol@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Elisabetta Mezzina mezzina@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Stefano Masiero masiero@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Silvia Pieraccini silvia.pieraccini@unibo.it

Department of Chemistry “G.Ciamician”

Prof. Claudia Tomasini claudia.tomasini@unibo.it
Prof. Emilio Tagliavini emilio.tagliavini@unibo.it
Prof. Daria Giacomini daria.giacomini@unibo.it
Dr. Paola Galletti paola.galletti@unibo.it
Dr. Alessandra Tolomelli alessandra.tolomelli@unibo.it
Dr. Marco Lombardo marco.lombardo@unibo.it

Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Prof. Silvia Bordoni bordoni@ms.fci.unibo.it
Prof. Valerio Zanotti zanotti@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Stefano Zacchini zac@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Cristina Cassani cassani@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Stefano Stagni stagni@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Rita Mazzoni mazzoni@ms.fci.unibo.it


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Prof. Marinella Roberti mrobi@alma.unibo.it
Prof. Isabella Orienti orienti@biocfarm.unibo.it
Prof. Maria Laura Bolognesi mlbologn@alma.unibo.it
Dr. Federica belluti federica.belluti@unibo.it
Dr. Michela Rosini michela.rosini@unibo.it
Dr. Alessandra Locatelli alessandra.localtelli@unibo.it


Department of Industrial Chemistry

Prof. Daniele Caretti daniele.caretti@unibo.it


Department of Applied Chemistry

Prof. Maurizio Fiorini maurizio.fiorini@mail.ing.unibo.it
Dr. Laura Sisti laura.sisti@unibo.it
Dr. Martino Colonna martino.colonna@mail.ing.unibo.it
Dr. Paola Marchese paola.marchese@mail.ing.unibo.it


Department of Agro-Environmental Science and Technology

Prof. Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli@.unibo.it


Department of Food Science

Dr. Mauro Cremonini mac@foodsci.unibo.it
Dr. Luca Laghi l.laghi@unibo.it


Ph.D and Postdoc

Dr. Matteo Minozzi Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" minus@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Luca Bernardi Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" nacca@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Alessandro Tinarelli Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" erminia@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Erminia Del Vecchio Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini"  
Dr. Manuela Locatelli Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini"  
Dr. Giorgio Bencivenni Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" bencio@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Paolo Melchiorre Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" pm@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Francesco Fini Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" francesco.fini@unibo.it
Dr. Mirko Minzoni Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" minzoni@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Armando Carlone Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" arm@ms.fci.unibo.it
Dr. Francesca Boschi Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini"  
Dr. Silvia Tozzi Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini"  
Dr. Tommaso Lanza Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" tlampras@fastweb.it
Dr. Michele Mancinelli Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" michele.mancinelli@studio.unibo.it
Dr. Patrizia Galzerano Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" patrizia.galzerano@unibo.it
Dr. Paolo Ricci Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini" paulsandoz80@hotmail.com
Dr. Stefano Lena Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini"  
Dr. Stefano Morganti Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini"  
Dr. Raffaella Spisani Dept. Organic Chemistry "A.Mangini"  
Dr. Fabio Moretti Dept. "Ciamician"  
Dr. Gaetano Angelici Dept. "Ciamician"  
Dr. Federico Squassabia Dept. "Ciamician"  
Dr. Stefano Cerini Dept. Inorg. and Physical Chemistry  
Dr. Mauro Salmi Dept. Inorg. and Physical Chemistry  
Dr. Paolo Natanti Dept. Inorg. and Physical Chemistry  
Dr. Daniela Pizzirani Dept. Pharmaceutical Science  
Dr. Micaela Vannini Dept. Applied Chemistry micaela.vannini@mail.ing.unibo.it
Dr. Enrico Binassi Dept. Applied Chemistry enrico.binassi@mail.ing.unibo.it
Dr. Michelina Soccio Dept. Applied Chemistry michela.soccio@mail.ing.unibo.it
Dr. Marzia Mazzacurati Dept. Applied Chemistry marzia.mazzacurati@unibo.it
Dr. Barbara Zambelli Dept. Agro-Env. Science and Tecnology barbara.zambelli@unibo.it

Visiting Professors, Guests and other users

Prof. Daniele Casarini Univ. of Basilicata
Dr. Daniel Pettersen Univ. of Goteborg
Mr. Ivano Restelli Varian Inc. Italy
Mr. Vanni Piccinotti  
Dr. Peter Sandor Varian Inc. Darmstadt
Dr. Stefano Grilli Cyanagen



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