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Montovolo: an Etruscan Geodetic Centre?

by Graziano Baccolini

(italian version)

In the last years it has been observed 1 that the principal sites of ancient Greece were to equal distances from a principal sacred Oracular centre that, perhaps for this reason, was also defined Navel and marked with a oval stone called Omphalos. Among them the most known centres were Delphi, Delos and Dodoni . For example it was noted that the distance between Delphi and Athens was equal to that between Delphi and Olympia and equal also to that between Delhi and Argos forming on the map triangulations with two equal sides. The same was also been observed for other important places. The same triangulations with equal distance it was also found with Delos or Dodoni as a central geodetic point or Navel. In other words, on a map every Navel became the centre of a series of concentric circles on whose circumferences we can be put, with a good approximation, the most important places of that ancient civilization. 

Prviously I have reported2 that Montovolo has been, probably, an important Navel for the Etruscan Civilization having found a lot of analogies with Delphi.

Now I want to ascertain if also Montovolo had around itself, to equal distances, the most important centres of North Etruria. I have found the following triangulations with two equal sides that you can also verify on the map below 3 and probably to find others using a more complete Etruria’s map.

The distance between Montovolo- Atria or Adria is equal to Montovolo -Cortona and Montovolo-Populonia

The distance between Montovolo –Spina is equal to Montovolo-Volterra

The distance between Montovolo-Felsina is equal to Montovolo-Faesule and Montovolo- Modena (Muthina)

These data might be only simple coincidences but they might be also in accord with my previous notices about Montovolo as important Oracular center of North Etruria and with the presumed methods of secret communication between these ancient sacred centres. This induces us to continue this investigation to verify if Montovolo was an important geodetic center also in archaic pre-Etruscan or even in pre Villanovian epoch.


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 See the Map below:

Map of North Etruria with the localisations of the Etruscan Places


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